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Brass is found in many places in your everyday life as well. Brass has many different uses and forms, many of which you might not be aware of. Most sink faucets, spigots for your hose, rods, connector valves, decorative pieces like plates, lamps, statues, bullet shells, and keys and locks. You can tell if the material is brass by making sure it is NOT magnetic and when you file inside of it is yellow color.

• Yellow Brass

Yellow Brass – These brass pieces have yellow exteriors as well as on the inside. They pay a little higher than white brass.

• Plumber Brass

White (Plumber) Brass – These brass pieces have white exteriors but are yellow on the inside.

In general, the cleaner the material, the more value it has. It is best to separate the different grades of brass within the yellow and plumber brass categories, i.e.- clean (with no foreign attachments), 95%, and lower than 95% quality.

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