Recycling is Infinite. This model and Zarc Recycling, LLC's operational standard is built on the foundation that not only is our company a Certified Recycler in California, we also maintain standards to safeguard our customer's financial well being, the global environmental impact of our downstream process, and the social responsibility we have to the community.

As part of our education process, we help list key resources for our visitors to educate and gain more in-depth knowledge of end-to-end recycling.

CalRecycle: is the portal to California's Department of Resource Recycling and Recovery. This website contains useful information for both businesses and consumers alike. Zarc is a Certified California Recycler.

Our CEWID Number is 103563

Department of Defense 5220.22-M: "National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual" - the DOD 5220.22 is the one of the most secure and recommended method to safeguard your information. Zarc's Destruction of Data complies with strict guidelines from the Department of Defense.

FTC: Federal Trade Commission: The Federal Trade Commission website on privacy lists recommendations on best to protect information in America. As Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, we should practice good privacy habits. This website also lists key Government Regulations that pertain to businesses.

Zarc Recycling, LLC Down Stream Process: Zarc aims to be transparent in our processing and is a key resource for you and your company. Feel free to explore how your recycled items are treated.