Your corporate investment in Information Technology is very expensive. The continued demand to keep up with the latest technologies can quickly drain a company’s financial resources. Zarc Recycling, LLC’s Re-marketing service can help your company capture the highest ROI on End-of-Life assets.

Our services provide companies large and small an alternative funding source for your capital investment. Our expertise and services that separate us from the competition:

  • Up-front revenue sharing of Re-marketing dollars with our clients to eliminate risk
  • No cost to the customer for pick-up, storage, or refurbishing of End-of-Life assets
  • Deliver the maximum value by Re-marketing your equipment both domestically and internationally
  • Dedicated Project Management Professionals Team to track the progress of Re-marketing through our real-time cloud base reporting system
  • Flexible programs to allow customers to choose Re-marketing partners to prevent conflicts of interest
  • Provides value-added services to remove sensitive information (data, asset tags, corporate identity) before Re-marketing
  • 100% Guarantee assets are either remarketed or recycled in an environmental manner

  • Zarc Recycling maintains a vast network of contacts domestically and internationally to Re-market your End-of-Life assets for the highest potential value. Equipment that might be worth very little in the United States might hold great value in countries in Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

    We will do a FREE evaluation of your decommissioned IT equipment, production scraps, and unused capital investment. Let us help your company find a new source of capital.