According to, commercial and industry sectors produce over 50% of the 45 million tons of garbage per year. Deploying a sound recycling program in your company should be a top priority. Companies that recycle have the potential of profiting from their trash. Furthermore, Government agencies such as CalRecycle recognize and acknowledge company and their recycling programs.

As a Certified Recycling company, Zarc Recycling, LLC is fit to be any company's partner to create and manage your recycling program with our Green Stations Solutions. Our solution encompasses the following:

  • Acts as company's Recycling Coordinator to promote and review Recycling Initiatives
  • Analyze and assess companywide recyclables and provides annual audits of waste downstream and total amounts recycled.
  • Evaluates and provides proactive Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle solutions to cut companywide waste reduction.
  • Re-markets Recyclables such as cell phones, laptops, monitors, etc...when appropriate.
  • Recycling containers and designated collections schedules provided at NO additional charge
  • Works with all departments effected by recycling to develop a support system and departmental program specific to their needs.

Let us help make your corporate Recycling Initiative a success. Remember, "Recycling is Infinite".