Ferrrous Metals Buyback

Ferrous Metal

Metals are found in almost all objects used in our daily life. Instead of sending your metals to the dumps, where you have to pay for, bring your metals to Zarc Recycling. Zarc pays for ferrous metals irregards of quantity. If your metal sticks to a magnet, then you have ferrous metal. With the ferrous metals, you can sort them into regular scrap metal and heavy metal (HMS). The heavy metal pays a little bit more.

• Scrap Metal (Tin)

Generally, ferrous metals less than ¼ inches in thickness are considered scrap metal. These are metals found in your appliances, metal cabinets and drawers, light fixtures, car frames, metal piping, and many other metallic objects inside your home or business.



Characteristics of HMS metal is as noted under ISRI standard:
o ISRI 200 – Pieces that are smaller than 36×18 inches in size.
o ISRI 201 – Pieces that are smaller than 60×18 inches in size.
o For both of these codes, the pieces must be at least a 1/4 inch in thickness.
o ISRI 203 – Any wrought iron or steel that is blackened and galvanised that is at least 1/8 inches in thickness.
o ISRI 204 – The same as ISRI 203 with the exception that only pieces smaller than 36×18 inches are included in this code.
o ISRI 205 – Similar to ISRI 204 but this bracket could contain thin-gauge scrap from automobiles.
o ISRI 206 – Identical to ISRI 205 but the pieces must be smaller than 60×18 inches.

Examples of acceptable HMS metal include: wheel rotors, steel I-beans that are 4 feet or less in length, thick metal rods and piping, and thick steel plates. Ferrous metals not meeting these criteria are consider regular scrap metal.

Please note, Zarc DOES NOT ACCEPT any wooden furniture, scrap glass, scrap plastics, bed springs, shock springs, or rubber tires. Appliances (white goods) cannot be mixed into your metal bin as they are items we need to charge a fee to take in. Refer to Appliance Recycling section to get more information on this.

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