Business Electronics Recycling

Federal, State, and Municipal regulations require consumers and commercial entities to properly dispose and recycle non-working as well as obsolete equipment in an environmental manner. This is a sound practice to prevent electronic waste (eWaste) ending up in landfills both domestically and globally. Not only is eWaste dumping harmful to the environment, it also poses a health risk if hazardous materials leech into the water supply.

Zarc’s recycling processes of eWaste begins locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our R2 and ISO 14001:2015 certified processing facilities separate products into recyclables, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and electronic waste. These commodities are sent to appropriate partners for smelting and/or recycling to properly treat and re-manufacture these commodities into raw materials.

In addition, we will also send reusable components to other ISO 14001: 2015 certified companies for harvesting and reuse into new electronics.

Zarc’s array of services and partners along with our broad list of corporate services provides a one-stop alternative for your recycling needs.