Appliance Recycling

Although there are laws in place to ensure proper disposal of electronic waste, appliances, and other electronic devices still pile up in landfills all across the United States each year. All appliances and electronic devices are recyclable as long as they’re disposed of through the proper channels. Next time you replace your dishwasher, washing machine and/or dryer, or even your refrigerator, consider recycling the appliance you are replacing before carting it off to the local landfill.

Zarc charges a per item fee for all appliances due to California state law {Appliances Factsheet} requiring all appliance handlers to treat the appliances before being able to recycle them. Below is listing of the charges.

Item Price
Refrigerator $35
Washer/Dryer $20
Stove $20
Microwave $20
Oven $20
Water Heater $20
Heater $35